Mario Taddei

Prof. Mario Taddei

Born in Bologna the 28/09/1972, Italy

• Graduated in Industrial design, multimedia graphics
• Professor at Politecnico di Milano untill 2003
• Scholar of Leonardo da Vinci
• Expert in history of science, multimedia and edutainment
• Contemporary artist
• Professor at Leonardo Da Vinci Accademy of Fine Arts, Milan
• Professor of Design, Architecture – Virtual scenography & Virtual reality
• Book informatico, Computergrafica, Modellazione 3D (Politecnico di Milano) • Architettura virtuale: realtà virtuali e marketing esperienziale – ABTEC41,

Progettazione grafica: disegno tecnico e rappresentazione del prodotto industriale – ABPR19, Scenografia virtuale – ABPR22, Architettura virtuale – ABTEC41, Tecniche di animazione digitale – ABTEC38, Tecniche di rappresentazione dello spazio virtuale – ABPR15, Tecniche dei nuovi media integrati -ABTEC43 ecc… (Accademia ACME Milano)

In 1999 he graduated with honours in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan. For years he collaborated in teaching of the Politecnico in 3D Modelling, Graphic and Multimedia Communication and then became a professor in Computer and Computer Science courses at the Industrial Design division of Politecnico.

Italian academic, and technical director and chief researcher at the Italian study center Leonardo3 in Milan. Was a founder of Leonardo3 srl. Curator, director of research & development of Leonardo3 Museum. He created Leonardo3 in 1999, he is an expert in multimedia and edutainment for museums, a Leonardo da Vinci devotee and scholar, and an expert in the codexes and machines of da Vinci and ancient books of technology. History of science expert.

He has long been studying and researching Leonardo da Vinci, and has signed some discoveries and researches of worldwide resonance concerning Leonardo’s machines. He is an expert in programming, 3D graphics, videogames, virtual reality development and multimedia applications.
During the event for the 150th anniversary of the Milan Polytechnic he received the CULTURE award with the following motivation: “Minds Shaping the World welcomes Mario Taddei among its members for the scientific rigor and the extraordinary diffusion capacity that allowed him to make unprecedented discoveries to Leonardo da Vinci and spread them all over the world. Mario Taddei is considered today one of the greatest international experts of the genius of Vinci: his exhibitions and installations have been over the years presented with great success both in Italy and abroad (Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Qatar, Japan).

He is the author of numerous didactic, scientific and informative books, translated into dozens of languages all over the world. Lectures, interviews and articles in many worldwide newspaper and TV as New York Times, Corriere, CNN, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian channel and so on…

Artist and digital artist under the alias of Silver Mark, Neoart3

Present: Curator of Leonardo Museums and exhibitions, Professor at Leonardo Da Vinci Accademy of Fine Arts, Milan – ACME Academy of Fine Arts and Media Leonardo da Vinci.

Design, Virtual scenography & Virtual reality courses



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Il curriculum-portfolio del Prof. Mario Taddei (PDF)