Music Compositon

OpenMusic – (OM) – Computer-assisted Music Compositon creato in IRCAM – Centre Pompidou

OM-sharp – (OM#) Visual Programming, Computer-assisted Music Compositon 

OM-pd – (OM-pd) aims to put the PureData inside OM-Sharp and OpenMusic.

OM-pd: API between PureData and OM-Sharp (Conference 2022)

Pure Data – Pure Data is a visual programming language

Jukebox – A neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles

Boomy – Create generative music

Music from text

MusicLM by Google


Music Transcription

Polymath – GitHub


Text to voice


Imprese, istituti e laboratori di ricerca

Deezer Research – Music Analysis, Information Retrieval and Recommendation